18 December 2005

Home & The Internet

The following is all stuff shown in the most recent edition of Click Online:
Microsoft Magic - A report about the new technogies Microsoft have created, including the 'Whereabouts Clock'.
Digital Tapestry - software to automatically merge multiple photographs together.
Snarf - A program to add in to Outlook that can learn about your most popuar contacts and orders their messages in priority of importance instead of date.
And... have you ever noticed on Peer 2 Peer downloading software (like LimeWire) that some files are fake and/or corrupt? Here's the reason why: certain sites like OverPeer are hosting them (read a report here).
And... there will soon be a Windows Media Player 11! The new version, by Microsoft and MTV, will allow users to download from over 2 million songs from their new website, 'Urge' (read report here).
And for those of you who like customising your desktop (well generally your computer), the Microsoft website has some free official desktop themes for you to try out, with 5 new pictures and a theme called 'Royale'. You can download these themes from here (requires validation).
Once you have downloaded the files, chuck the JPGs in C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper and run and install the Royale.zip program.
• To apply the pictures, right-click your desktop, click Properties and then the Desktop tab at the top. Choose your image from the scroll list and enjoy.
• To apply the new theme, right-click your desktop, click Properties then click the Appearance tab at the top. On the Windows and buttons drop-down list, there will be a new one called Media Center style and the Colour scheme drop-down will say Royale. Enjoy!