26 November 2005

Flash Cartoons

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right, we were in Geography Pd 1, and we went to the LRC to do some research on out recent trip to Epping Forest. So you can probably guess what happened - not much work was done, idiots visiting websites, yadda yadda yadda. But then all of a sudden my friends and I heard a really weird tune. Anyway, we found the website it was coming from, and we couldn't stop laughing - we sang it all through the lesson (well not actually because we forgot how it went :( ). So here it is: Bananaphone. Sounds weird but it is funny.
So I decided to do some research into this instead of some old forest:
The badgers in the animation and their previous adaptations come from here (Wikipedia Definition).
The hype and reason for this version is explained here (also Wikipedia).
And another one was made - watch it here.
And there is another one which someone suggested to me: "She Frickin' Blocked Me", SWF file here.