15 November 2005

The Future Insight of Technology

Just a couple of links to some new software released (or soon to be) that really have some new intiatives.
  • Microsoft is working on a new Operating System: Windows Vista. This is the offcial homepage with a few details. The font you may have seen supporting this new OS is called Segoe UI.
  • Adobe Photoshop: The professional standard in desktop digital imaging. Just look at the features guide, amazing.
  • Adobe Illustrator: Vector graphics reinvented. This is another popular Adobe imaging software masterpiece.
  • And also, if you have a Genuine Windows, you can download extra FREE software from the Microsoft Website. Click here for the downloads homepage or click here for the Genuine Windows Offers.
    Another good Microsoft Windows downloads resource website is WMPlugins.com, a website for Windows Media Player 9 and 10 plug-ins and enhancements. Quick links: Skins | Visualizations | Codecs
    Update 17/11 - Newsround did a report today about a wind-up laptop called "the green machine" for children in developing countires. You use a handle to charge the laptop (1 minute of turns gives 40 mins of electric time) and it only costs £60 ($100)! It has a 500mhz processor and 1GB memory (eeek!) and Linux (because it's an open-source free Operating System) but even Google and AMD have put some money into it! View Report: New Scientist | BBC.
    For those out there who want some pictures of new beta Microsoft products, see these links: