12 November 2005

Define Me

Definition from the Collins Dictionary and Thesaurus:
geek (noun) (Slang)
1 a boring and unattractive social misfit
2 a degenerate
[C19: probably variant of Scottish geck fool, from Middle Low German geck.]
NOT a computer attachment or obsessionist. But I suppose you can call me a geek just because several wesbites happen to define a geek as being someone who does have a popular taste with computers, although not a fully correct definition. Although I am definetly 'unattractive' (and maybe boring), which would explain why I don't 'hang' or 'go out', I am not a social misfit. So please don't call me a geek, because I'm not.
Update 20/11 - This blog entry does not mean I am what I have defined, it is merely a correction when people use this statement. Plus, I am an individual (but what the hell has that got to with this?), and *if* you would happen to read my space, you will see that I wrote a blog called 'Quote', in which I have stated that being an individual is important anyway, qualified by the Active Listeners themselves. So ner!
Update 10/12 - It seems that many comments posted on my blogs state that I am a geek and should get some friends. I would like to say to those people that I have many good friends at school, some which mean a lot more to me than anything else.
Read an article from Yahoo here about nerds, geeks and dorks.

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xxSunshineOnARainyDayxx wrote:
you spelt it wrong- and its hayley :P
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Luca wrote:
Totally agree with sunshineonaraindyday. whoever the hell she is. lol.
Be yourself so that no one can judge u
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xxSunshineOnARainyDayxx wrote:
dont listen to people who say you're a geek, nobodys a geek- labels shouldn't exist! :) everybody is individual
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