12 August 2006

Secret Feeling

Universally, I believe that TORTURE is worse than DEATH. Having to endure horrific and scarring experiences of pain is much more evil than just death on its own. The idea of recovery and rejoice after the pain comes to mind, but that is irrelevant.
Sorry if it seems like I have just jumped onto another world, there.
Have you seen The Shawshank Redemption? Well, even if you haven't, I'm going to give you a spoiler anyway. The Old Man in the Library. In the prison. I can't remember his name, but when he left the prison, he was so frightened by the new world around him (seeing that he had been in prison for about 40 years) that he decided to commit suicide. Now that fear is a form of torture.
Another form of torture I am mad about discussing is SMOKING. Yes, okay, it may seem like I have gone over this sbject a million times already, but I finally decided I should reveal something to you.
Some people have told me that I cannot change the world, that I cannot avoid it, and that I will have to get used to the fact that it exists.
I cannot tolerate smoking because there is nothing about it to appreciate. For example, PCs Vs. Macs. I can tolerate the features of a Mac - but not smoking. There are no pros, no good points, no reasons, why I should respect smoking. Does this also mean that I don't respect the people who smoke or encourage others to smoke (the industry)? Maybe.
Although this may sound childish and crazy, my deepest darkest life ambition would be to end the tobacoo industry for good. No, I'm serious. This is because every time I see others smoking, it is killing my mind and body, mentally and physically. I feel sick just hearing about it.
That's why I think it is the worst thing you can do to yourself.
Just to open up on how I really feel - I get this insane anger and rage, a powerful fear and emotion of sickness when I see others smoking. And it just makes it worse when I see young people smoking. It makes me ask myself how they could do such a thing.
This ties into Donnie Darko. There are 3 boys in the film who wait at a bus stop to go to school, and they opening invite Donnie to take a cigarette. They say to him that he deserves it for managing to survive the jet engine crashing into his room.
It just makes me feel really sick. And I'm being honest. I feel awful knowing that people choose to do this to themselves.