6 August 2006


After reading a newspaper article about Crop Circles, thought it might be good to post a blog on my opinions towards paranormal activities.
Basically I like to believe that such apparitions do not exist because there is not enough specific evidence that can do this. However, I do like to think that spirits watching over us is a good idea, especially those that we haved loved dearly. I don't always think it is wise to start talking about paranormal activity in general conversation, such as blaming an event on God - this gets you nowhere.
One point about crop circles is that in the article, someone measured the size (diameter) of a crop circle. It was precisely 12ft wide. It just strikes me, as the newspaper stated, that, if aliens did construct it, how is it possible that they use human measurements? So they seem less weird?
All that stuff people talk about (epsecially in America) being abducted, being controlled or taken places or been in contact with aliens - I think that's all rubbish. No proof.
As for the Loch Ness Monster, I watched a programme about it, and it so happens that at the same time of the first sightings, the first ever scary film, King Kong, was released in cinema. People then mistook otters and fish and practical jokes seriosuly and therefore use the association they have in their minds to suggest that such an ancient being exists.
However, some things are inexplicable...