10 August 2006

Sci-Fi Movies

I like the science fiction genre of the movie industry. I won't name my favourites because there are so many...
... but one I would like to highlight is Donne Darko (2001). I watched it last night on my laptop :)
Although it is somewhat confusing, it shows a powerful use of graphics to represent ideas. I won't spoil it for you, though. I love the graphic used on the American DVD cover for this film, which sums up interesting ideas about it again. It makes it feel as if it is some type of legendary technology or something.
The music is good too, and after visiting music.download.com, I downloaded the free song "Lady Lady" by Mark Joseph, which I think suits the soundtrack of Donnie Darko quite well.
This film also reminds me of "K-PAX" and "Pi", other films about an individuals who have powers that we don't understand.
The weirdest thing is that when I was watching this film in bed, I had a blue short-sleeve shirt on, and grey cotton denim trousers, which was exactly what Donnie was wearing in the beginning of the film when he was reading a book... spooky!