26 August 2006

My Favourite Word...

...is Neglect. I can't remember why, it just sounds like what it means, sorta.

Anyway... a useful tip for you, and an intented pun joke: Put money in your shoes - you'll be stinking rich!

I just want to say that I hope everyone got what they wanted on their exam results, that you all passed, and that you can get the future you always wanted. If not, remember that there is still hope for those that believe.

And... I have a new mobile! My dad offered to buy me one for about £100 but I said, nope, I hardly use the one I used to have anyway (the battery broke for no reason :( ) so I thought it would be better just getting a simple Nokia 1100. But anyway... it is a very nice phone and I still have enough features to rattle through yet!

And any of my stalkers (no not really :) ) may have also noticed I have been limping recently because I fell off my borrowed bike.
I now have a large chip of my knee taken away - OUCH! So to all you cyclists out there: please, for your own safety, wear kneepads!
By the way, I was turning round a sharp corner (I'm not very good with them, obviously).