4 February 2006

Gadget Show 27/1/06

More Technology news...
They invented the game Space Invaders, but since their failure to produce good games, they have never reached the top of the charts again - neither their consoles (like Lynx) or games (like Path of Neo).
What's it's like for a gadget guy... without all the gadgets for a day.
Comparing Microsoft's Digital Image Suite 2006 (about £30 on the internet), Photoshop Elements 4.0 (best price around £50 on the internet), Corel's Paint Shop Pro (best internet price: about £60) and Google Picasa (free).
The best Photo Printer - Epson Stylus Photo R800
A survey about what technology we find most useful in our lives: a computer, a television, a mobile phone, or an MP3 player.
How to back up your contacts on your mobile phone
  • Memory master – Carphone Wearhouse - Copy SIM card for £2, if card is lost, you can get the replacement Orange & Motorola (same)
  • SIM Tools Backup Device £10 250 numbers – edit and transfer
  • SIM Card Manager £20 for use with USB to PC for editing. Save text messages and synchronise automatically
  • New mobiles should come with own software - Works with Outlook Express to copy all data