14 February 2006

Computer Research Project... Reloaded!

Today I was watching Newsround and then they did a report about a new research project designed for Climate Change. And I thought, isn't this a whole lot similar to the World Community Grid (please check my previous posts for more information).
Read more about it here: BBC Report | Experiment Website
Apparently, this one is meant to be easier to set up, but it isn't really. So just make sure you read it carefully when doing it and loading the program. The main thing I think they are missing are graphics - the World Community Grid Agent has a very simple interface, but this BBC Experiment is actually difficult to use at first.
Update 17/02/06: It turns out that this Climate Change project is part of the BOINC Network. BOINC Manager is the program that manages the Climate Change project, and amongst many other projects like SETI@home (for extra-terristrial life), it also includes the World Community Grid!
As always, Wikipedia has created a wonderful article all about it here.