3 February 2006

FAQ: Clear out the IE Address dropdown list

One really good mate asked me this today: When I click the address bar, I have loads of addresses that I've typed in, how do I delete them? I can provide a simple answer. Unfortunately it isn't easy for users of Internet Explorer compared to Firefox, but I know and use a program that can clean both, and more!
Internet Explorer tab
You can clear up all your internet and computer history with just a few clicks - all in one place! Temporary Internet Files, History, AutoComplete, Typed URLs, Cookies - all for both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox!
System tabOther files on your computer include Temporary Files, Prefetch Files, Recent Documents, Flash Cookies and more! You can also clean up "Open" history lists for popular programs like Office and Media Player. Plus, if you want to clean up your own custom folders or registry edits, you can do it with this program too!
IE Privacy Keeper also has a function called Secure Delete. When you want to delete a file so that you will never ever be able to get it back again, even if you scan your computer, you can use this context menu item (when you right click a file) to delete it securely. You can also set it to overwrite the file several times to make it even more difficult to recover!
You can also download a standalone version if you don't want to install it. It has limited features but works mostly the same. Download TakeAlong Version.

Luca Maciswrote:
Thanks for that Rob. I needed some help on that. Everyone rele should get that IE privacy keeper.
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