1 February 2006

Calling All Matrix Fans

Anyone who is interested in The Matrix will know that there is a mini series of The Matrix called The Animatrix.
I watched all 9 episodes, and to be quite honest, I thought it was quite good. It's a collection of different stories that some people face while in the Matrix - an exploration of the ideas. The Animatrix is designed either by hand drawings, using a famous Japanese designing technique thing that looks wicked! I can't remember what it's called but the commenaties on the DVD said it's a lot like the film Akira (1988).
For anyone that would like to watch them, there are some full-length free episodes on the Animatrix website, www.intothematrix.com
I suggest any Matrix fans watch The Second Renaissance Parts 1 + 2, they really explain how the hell the Matrix came to be. I like all the other episodes though, it's quite good. This story, in the beginning part, reminded me of "I, Robot".
Kid's Story also explains why Neo had that feeling that it wasn't all real - "like his dreams were more real than his life". This ties in to Matrix Revolutions and how Neo managed to get Kid into Zion.
I also like Beyond, which explains what happens when there are coding problems in the Matrix. This uses true Japanese animation.
Some Enter The Matrix gamers may also have heard of The Final Flight of the Osiris. It shows what happens before the machines start digging for Zion. It uses very good computer graphics animation to tell the story.
Matriculated, A Detective Story, World Record and Program are just stories of other people in the Matrix.
Enjoy it!