17 April 2017

Response to not upgrading your computer's operating system

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What do upgrades provide?

Security updates

You need security updates. By not ever installing updates, you're leaving known vulnerabilities open. The best form of protection is prevention, by safeguarding. Leaving a system unpatched is like eating raw chicken or having unsafe sex. Even machines not connected to the internet need patches, because some viruses attack vectors like USB drives.


The features being added are usually improvements to make your experience better and introduce new functionality. In the same way that you wouldn't keep using a Nokia 1110 if you can get an iPhone.


If you don't ever update your systems, you're just holding back on being more efficient, having a less stable operating system, potentially having more vulnerabilities, and you're losing out on the latest technologies available. I think more generally, if you stay on older systems, you are rejecting the entire concept of change and progress.

There is an interesting aspect to opinions before and after change: we only know and appreciate the value of something new, truly, once we have it, so we can compare to what it used to be like. Without knowing the difference, we can be stubborn and intolerant of change.

And if it's Windows, Apple, or Android - operating system upgrades are also free.