12 April 2017

Changing the attitude on the silence of mental issues

- God, Godfellas, Futurama

Remember to not ever feel like you're burdening someone with your problems.

Mental illness and depression are just as important as heart attacks, and getting urgent medical help is required. We need to tell each other that it's okay to have a mental breakdown in public, if it avoids suicide.

There is too much of an attitude of being schtum and not wanting to help strangers, and not putting a burden on them. At least in the UK.

However, when we have personal issues, but it can be just as much of a crisis as a physical wound and bloodletting. I believe GPs should be extended to deal with matters more openly, it shouldn't ever feel like an inconvenience to others when your life is at risk. Help from others is the only way some people can recover from depression. Crying in public is seen as unacceptable and annoying, but it shouldn't be when someone's life is in danger.

People need to know that anyone should be able to put everything aside to do whatever it takes to be there for those in need. Anyone should want to stand up and listen to them anytime, no matter how big nor small a problem, if it will save a life.