11 September 2006


Lots of things to talk about. Let's be concise.
  • Internet Explorer 7 has been re-released as "Release Candidate 1". It's not called "Beta 3" anymore.
  • I have finished reading The Speed of the Dark (by Alex Shearer), which is a slightly weird but fantasticly analytical book. Here is a quote which references some of my existing 'philopsohpies', but I'll spare you the details.
    "We have to go where we most need to be, to follow our hearts to where they take us"
  • College is much more interesting than I thought it was. In the first day, wandering around, I thought I had actually stepped into Hell. Buty after two days there already, I am starting to feel much more confident with myself and my subjects. I have already made friends in my classes (as our teachers have told us to expect) with such diverse people! I believe that my inner extrovert is finally showing itself in the college environment. Probably because College requires you to be much more spontaneous, independent, responsible and confident with communicating with others. Primary and Secondary school allowed you to be a reclusive (very quiet and non-responsive to your environment, not taking part in anything you don't have to, introversion, little interaction with others). Of course, school was cool. I was nervous on the first day of starting College (the first time I have gone on a bus by myself without my lovely mum *Love You Mum*) but now I feel much more confident. *spread arms out in front and clicks fingers*
  • I have found that a good way to get rid of spots is to just simply wash your face regularly! The stuff you may have bought for your acne problem (if you have one, obviously) might help, but giving your face a good scrub oughta sort those little blighters out!
  • I found a website with a couple of odd free tools, a non-validation alternative to Windows Update, and this website also has source code for some viruses! What in the world do they think they're doing?
  • Microsoft adds 'one-click' sex offender report tool to MSN/WL Messenger - read the report
  • I found an update for Windows XP that adds another tab to MSCONFIG called Tools. It doesn't do much, but it's worth it.
  • Good night, good luck, and take care to all of you!