19 September 2006

That time of year again

I have been doing some light Spring Cleaning around my workplace (the computer and my bedroom) after I just got fed up with the mess! I do love a bit of Spring Cleaning - clearing out those old documents, filing away old books, looking past over those photos and memories, browsing through the endless trinkets and doodles in cupboards and drawers... it gives a new chance to throw away those forgotten ambitions and wasted bits of paper. I remember as a child doing many stupid or irrelevant things (which at the time, of course, I didn't realise was so time and resource wasting)...
So I like Spring Cleaning. I guess you're asking, where is this blog going? Well, I just wanted to express my anger on the daddy-long-legs that you see everywhere! They seem to be breeding like mad and they all sit up against the windows and doors! Annoying little things! We must be under an invasion because I don't know how there could be so many of them!
And for anyone who has been keeping a track of my Dell Community Forum entries, I am almost nearing completion of finding out the stupid program causing my computer to hang when I connect to the Internet!
Anyway, must get back to do my oh-so important essays for Geography, Biology and ICT.