29 September 2006

Like some money for your old phone?

Thanks to either The Gadget Show or Click, I have managed to both get rid of my old Siemens A60 mobile and get some money for free!
I simply websites such as http://www.mopay.co.uk/ or http://www.envirofone.com/, type in the details about my phone, send it in a jiffy bag, and I get money for giving it away! All the money sold for the old phone goes to charity, if you wish. I'm not one to take an interest in charity work, but when free money comes into it, I couldn't disagree!
Silly old phone doesn't even work at all anyway - so hopefully they will still accept it. One minute it was fine, then all of a sudden it just stopped working. The screen just flashes when I try to turn it on and then it turns off. Luckily I managed to find an old T-Mobile handset so I can still use the £8 left over - otherwise it's just wasted!
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