8 June 2006

TeChNiCaL fAuLt?

We would like to apologise to all visitors to this blog and associated website for th recent amount of missing updates to such services. Unfortunately, RJC-UK has foound a technical fault known to cause a long delay in updating the slice of the Internet he works so hard for. This lack of concentrated work produce is due to REVISION!
Good luck to everyone in their exams and I hope you all have a good future at college/sixth form/employment and beyond!
P.S. The updates concerning technology news etc. will be posted here shortly. Sorry for any inconvenience!
Part 2
Some of you may think I am a hypocrite when I say you should be doing your revision, when I'm not doing much myself! I would like to apologise to those who think that life is pointless thereof. I would also like to highlight that I am a terrible procrastinator and even though I had a whole week to revise for the exams, I did it all on the last Sunday instead. So my lesson to you is: don't put things off!
In the meanwhile, I have been redirecting all of my website into one server - Byethost. Why? Simple adverts. 250MB disc memory. 20GB traffic bandwidth/month(!). 5MB file size. Custom error pages. Single FTP access. 20 Subdomains. In other word, basically - luxury! More details on this page.
My subscription of Norton Internet Security has also run out during the half-term. And I don't really want to be buying great big software like that at this point, so I have accidentally opt for ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite. I thought I was only downloading the Firewall (alongside Avast Home and AVG Anti-Virus) but downloaded and installed ZoneAlarm's full package instead! I have also fully registered it for another 143 years, if you get my drift! It took a little bit of working out to get it to allow my Internet and shared files to work when connected via LAN to my laptop, but it's all sorted now so I'm really happy :)
And another note - Windows Defender has also been helpful when I've been getting viruses trying to come in through mscracks.com - so that's another reason to have it installed on your system!
Part 3
I saw a substitute teacher carry floppy discs a couple of weeks ago. I mean, seriously, why would anyone still use a floppy disc? They are unreliable, easy to break, slow and hold only 1.44MB. That guy is crazy!
I think I'm gonna sell most of my old floppy discs on eBay soon as well!