24 June 2006

Just when you thought I'd run out of ideas...

Yep, I'm sure all the people who have looked at my artwork for my Year 11 Journal have gone crazy because there are so many ideas I have put into it. Well, of course, I did write 6 sides of A3 for my evaluation.
But maybe I shouldn't boast about my work that much. I think I need to cut down on the whole bragging thing.
Anyway. Anyone who has visited my Music List will know that I love Moby's music. And it just so happens that I went looking for artwork from Moby's most recent album 'Hotel'. And here we are.
I really like the trees and rain one. That's a good idea. ("Raining Again") A good description for the rain in the lyrics is "bullets on tin", which really captures the soundscape of rain. I think all the other songs are brilliant too!