13 May 2006


I have finally managed to go to a Harlow College Open Evening that wasn't on my birthday.
From what I could work out, the people were really helpful and the whole evening was really good. They seem like a really good college to study at. Just one problem though: what courses should I do?
I got a copy of their prospectus and ticked the AS levels I was interested in. I sorta came up with Applied I.T., Art, then maybe English and Maths as I enjoy those subjects well. I also found out they they do a BTEC National Diploma in I.T., so I thought this could get interesting.
Really what I want to do is IT (or "ICT"). I am just completely sure I want to do this subject, but I'm not really sure about giving up some of my other subjects. So I talked to one of the Open Evening staff and she suggested, that if I like Art, English Lang/Lit and I.T. then I could be heading for a career in Journalism. Personally, this doesn't sound too bad, but not exactly eveything I hoped for anyway.
When I found my way to the I.T. department (btw they have LOADS of computers at this college, I mean LOADS, and they have a good bunch of Macs as well :), the lady said that I might be interested in doing the BTEC I.T. course, which counts as 3 A Levels. She said to read the info book (which I will at some point during my revision), which says the BTEC is much more design and development of different projects, while the A Level is basically everything I already know (Office Applications, HTML etc.). So now I'm stuck.
My mum was talking to my uncle (big computer software company guy, really big company he owns), who said that I would be better doing the A Levels... but I suppose we'll find out. He also said to do Business Studies - he started his own business and is now a millionaire - but I think I should still stick with my own choices and opinions.
He also said, when it may come to the time, that I may be working for his company (I worked there in Surrey for Work Experience to get away from home) or he might be able to get some work for me
My ICT teacher has also offered me some website development that could get me some money after the exams... and so has my art teacher! What a lucky guy I am!