13 May 2006

Bad week for Technology

The past few weeks have shown me that technology doesn't always work like it should.
  • Firstly, I tried writing some ruddy DVDs using an external hard drive I borrowed from a good friend. But the discs wouldn't write properly. So now I've gotta figure out if it was the DVDs themselves, the software writing them or the files. For the meantime, I need to but some more blank DVDs!
  • The smartcard system in the Kid's Club wasn't working for 2 days last week.
  • A copy of The Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King, which I tried watching with my family, went all jittery only half an hour through the film! Will be watching a proper rented copy this weekend instead.
  • My ICT teacher left a USB flash disc drive inside one of his laptops, put the laptop in the case, and it's now broken his USB drive so all the coursework marks are gone!
  • Instructions I gave to a friend a couple of days ago about how to tell Internet Explorer not to diconnect after a few idle minutes weren't the same procedure he could get to on his computer - so I will have to go round there today and fix it for him.
  • Now my urge to hit a computer is rising!!! or I might just throw it out the window instead! GRR!