7 May 2006

CHAIN MAIL - isn't it just a pain in the neck?!

A bit of advice to everyone out there: PLEASE DO NOT PASS ON CHAIN MAILS!!!
How to identify a chain mail:
  • The message will have a lot of people in the "To" line of the header, meaning that it has been forwarded.
  • The message will be about MSN closing down, asking you to pass it on to keep it alive. MSN IS NOT CLOSING DOWN - THE CHAIN MAIL IS A LIE!!! There are also messages about MSN charging for using its services. Rubbish.
  • The message will start off with a story about someone you don't know. If you skip to the bottom of the email, there will usually be a threat that will either be an eternal curse on you or it says it will stop something good from happening to you. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The examples of people talked about in the messages are FICTICIOUS (not real).
  • The message might say that if you send it on then something will appear on your screen. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN!!! If it does then either something really weird is wrong with your computer or someone has just hacked your computer and is taking control of it.
  • What happens if you just delete chain mail as soon as you get it:
  • You can save loads of time reading or doing something else better with your life than reading stupid messages.
  • It saves memory in your inbox.
  • You won't ever find out what the threat is so there's no need to feel worried about it.
  • Everyone is happy and so are all your contacts because you chose not to send it on to them.