10 November 2007

The "Vista" look for XP

Here are the essentials for transforming XP into Vista. I can't do without all this lot on my machine at home, the old blue "Luna" theme of XP is so boring... Most of these will not drain your system resources either, so "it's all good!!!"

- Vista Inspirat 2.0 (by BricoPack) OR the Vista Transformation Pack 7.0 (by WindowsX Live)... this will install the new Black Vista windows theme (taskbar, title bar etc.), the Explorer layout, the login/welcome screen, all your icons, mouse/cursor icons, sounds, screensaver, desktops and more.
(BricoPack) (VTP)

- Flip3D for XP - experience the real Flip3D effect for browsing through windows. (http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/10/31/enjoy-flip-3d-effect-in-your-windows-xp/)

- ViStart - to make your Start Menu look just like the real Vista one

- ViOrb - to make the Start button more "orby" instead of flat

and as part of Vista Inspirat...

- Rocket Dock... to make a "dock" on your desktop like the Apple Mac
- Y'z Shadow - add shadows to your windows
- TransBar - to make the taskbar transparent
- UberIcon - when you double click on an icon, it will get larger and then fade out

and as part of VTP 7.0... you can change the Windows XP blue "loading" screen into one that says "Vista" instead.

Enjoy :)

(PS... 'vista' actually means a "view")
(PPS... BricoPack is better than VTP, you need to lock out your system for VTP to install properly on some machines)