15 September 2007

Some awesome self-help articles

Now that the "Qube" is up (God, I'm just getting fed up of hearing that word!!!) on the internet, I just wanted to remind everyone that there is actually some useful stuff on it.

If you go to "Student Services" there are some really, really helpful information guides about emotional wellbeing, bullying, smoking, crime and drugs. I really suggest that you check it out, especially if you just want some advice.

Here are the articles that really got me thinking:


Especially the quote from the second page from a student - "I felt detached from the world around me. All emotions – love, affection, anger – were gone. Actually, I can't say I had no emotions, I did, but they all seemed desperately negative. Most involved fear. Fear that I would never escape the condition." (strangely, this reflects my recent post about feeling detached/rejecting the world... lol

I'm not saying I still have these problems - I just wanted to check them out - and thought they were pretty true to the way I solved my own depression and shit, so I wanted to tell everyone that help is out there if you need it.

Keep on rockin', dudes! Wink