30 September 2007

4oD... For Free

If you've been watching Channel 4, you'll be aware of their internet downloader 4oD - 4 on Demand.

For people who haven't downloaded it yet, basically, it is an online catalogue of nearly everything ever shown on Channel 4.

Everything from the last 30 days on TV is now downloadable for free on the 4oD service. You can still download stuff after 30 days, but, the catch is, you have to pay 99p for the DRM code that lets you watch it.

But recently 4oD have opened up a massive archive of hundreds of shows - all of them totally free - but only for 6 weeks.

Just to name a few - IT Crowd, Father Ted, Peep Show, Shameless, Teachers, The F Word, Fonejacker, Derren Brown, Bo Selecta, Green Wing, Skins, Spaced, Star Stories, Sugar Rush, Trigger Happy TV...

Another catch is that as soon as you start downloading, it is only available for 1 month for free. After that, the downloaded file will remain on your PC, but you will need to buy the DRM to allow it to play. And as far as I know, there is no way to crack the DRM.

Except... with a little trick called TuneBite. Basically this is screen recording software that will record the show/episode you've downloaded to make a new, unprotected one.

So now instead of waiting for slow downloads on P2P software like BitComet, BitTorrent and LimeWire, you can use this, if you like. Just wanted everyone to know about this offer that 4oD are giving out!!!! =]

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Angie wrote:
Tunebite is great I have been using it with great success for such purposes as recording files without their protection. It easier and taotally faster than using BitComet or Utorrent or anything else. Go for it!
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