12 July 2007

Talking about Global Warming and Environmental Issues

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Everything that news, television, politics and scientists tell you is NOT REAL.

Global Warming IS NOT HAPPENING.

After watching The Great Global Warming Swindle I don't believe global warming is happening. According to the programme, volcanoes chuck out more CO2 than all the CO2 from humans and factories etc. Humans are not making a difference to that.

The programme said that that the change in climate is actually due to sun activity. They showed graph of correlation on the programme - and it showed that sun activity perfectly correlated with temperature (due to the sun blocking out cosmic rays which stop the oceans from gaining heat and causing more CO2 to be chucked out from them (oh yeah, the oceans have CO2 stored in them)).

But when CO2 was correlated with global temperatures, they did not show good correlation (in some cases temperature went down when there was more CO2 e.g. the Little Ice Age and the Post-War Econoic Boom).

In fact, global warming and climate change are two separate things (some people don't know this).

Global warming is the heating of the earth due to "rising CO2 levels";
Climate change is the changing of climate due to a variety of reasons.

Climate change happens all the time naturally. The programme showed a graphic of the ice at the North Pole growing larger and collapsing every few hundred years. Glaciers melt naturally. They after a while they rebuild.

The programme also said that the inspiration for the idea of "global warming" was put forward by Margaret Thatcher, an old PM. Bitch.

I do feel for "environmental issues", however, such as renewable energy resources and recycling. It makes me think of childish things like "Why don't we just chuck it (waste/nuclear waste) into space?!"

And some people needs to learn that any change = job losses (plus job opportunities).