16 July 2007

"...Rediscover the Web"

Yes, you've guessed it! I've switched to Firefox!

There are loads of reasons why Firefox is better than IE, here's what really pulled me in:
  • It is faster. You can actually notice it when it loads the pages.
  • There are a lot more add-ons and themes for Firefox than IE.
  • Crash recovery. Saves a lot of time.
But don't I miss IE? Well, after doing some browsing, not any more!
  • Instead of NetXfer for downloads (IE only), I now use Download Accelerator Plus - for the "download all" feature mainly
  • Instead of IE7Pro, Firefox has all of it's features built in.
  • Instead of AdsGone, I can now use AdBlock Plus and get updates for string filters. It's much easier for beginners to use instead of editing the Hosts file.
  • I can run IE's engine in Firefox with IETab, so I can do my Windows Updates in Firefox, as well as view my website in Firefox as well.
"But surely you had some problems?" Yes, is the answer to that:
  • I hated Firefox's way of scrolling down pages. It jerks around all the time or moves too slowly.
    I did find a fix for this, though: http://www.earthv.com/tips_detail.asp?TipID=76
  • I didn't like the American spelling for fields, so I downloaded the British Dictionary :D *grumble* stupid ruddy Americans thinking they can steal our language then change it, silly idiots! *cools down* Anyway...
  • I wanted the "Create Shortcut" back; and also wanted to backup all my passwords and "bookmarks" in case Firefox broke - downloaded them from here: http://www.pikey.me.uk/mozilla/
  • I had to get my search engines back for the Search toolbar in Firefox - and I was pleased to find a whole website devoted to them :D
  • I did have a little trouble installing Adobe Shockwave and Flash but after giving it a damn good kicking it worked fine.
The only dispute I can't solve is - is Firefox actually more secure than IE or not? Symantec says it isn't (search my website for more info) but after reading some convincing reviews and adverts, I think otherwise. I won't go as far as to say I use this thing called "NoScript", because Firefox already has that - you just click on the little button that turns off Java/JavaScript. But anyway.

Ssssoooooooooo. There you go. I can't think of what to say, except maybe, "are you gonna make the switch?"
And if you have already done so, well done. *WeLcOmE tO tEh ClUb*

Remember, surf safe! (I know I say that every bloody time and it sounds really annoying, but I just feel like saying it!!!)