16 April 2007

Cool Tools

Here are just a couple of bits of software I thought you might be interested in.
First: one for all those hardcore music fans who have their headphones on all the time
I found out a long time ago about a plugi-in for Windows Media Player, called 4Front Headphones, that simulates the music you're listening to, to make it sound like a real room. It's really cool. Just download the little program, then whenever you play music, there is a little icon in the system tray (where the clock is on your screen) that appears where you can change the "realness" of the sound. Basically the idea behind that is, the larger % you set it to, the larger the room is. So a normal room is about 20% to 40%.
But let me just make a note: the idea of the plug-in to reduce "how hard" the music is on your ears, so it is basically removing the bass. Therefore it might make the music sound a little more quiet than usual.
Second: one for people like me :D (well why am I telling you then?)
I found out recently about a special download from Microsoft called the "Change Analysis Diagnostic." Now, to most people, who only use their computer for emails and music, it's unlikely you'd be interested, but for people who often bugger up their computers, this could be a useful program.
Basically what it does is make a list of all the system-wide changes on your computer since a certain date that you choose. So say I uninstalled some stupid program and it just happened to accidentally delete all my programs from my startup folder (yes, I'm a computer nerd and I'm not afraid to admit it!), I can now run the Diagnostic ad it will tell me exactly what has been deleted, say, in the past 2 days.
So it is a bit like System Restore - just without the ability to actually fix your computer!
----- Happy surfing ;)