29 April 2007

Bypass College Filters!

If you are at college, and you absolutely cannot detach yourself from MySpace, there is a way to get around the filters! There is a way that works which can get you around blocked websites like MySpace.
All you need is a proxy server to connect to the website you want. Basically, instead of connecting to RM or whatever your college network uses, you connect to some old sod's computer which doesn't have the filter. I know that sounds really complicated - so here's what is most important to you. You can access the proxy via websites like www.lightproxy.com
How they work
Basically instead of using your computer to access the internet, you connect to another computer who accesses the internet for you. That way you effectively 'bypass' your computer's network server blocking system thingy.
How you can use them
The really cool thing about them is that, if the proxy's submitted URL (such as www.myspace.com) is hidden (encrypted) then you can access any website you want to - even if you are at school, or work, or wherever, and behind a block. This is also a good idea if you are in China and trying to read some filtered articles about war and human rights etc.
  • Many proxy's URLs have "proxy" in them, so they are easily to block by any network admins.
  • Not all proxys can continue encrypting pages when you click on them (such as, if you click a link in a page that a proxy server has got for you, it goes to the real website, not the encrypted one). This really slows down time and makes websites like email and logins hard to use.
  • Once they get found out, they get blocked. However, there are always more out there!
My Story
I can honestly say that it was me who told everyone about LightProxy. Basically some of my friends in IT wanted to get on MySpace even though it was filtered, so I just did I quick Google search and came up with LightProxy. And now... everyone knows about it! if you have ever been in the library to do your work, you would have realised that loads of people now know about LightProxy!
I only wish I could get the praise for it, though. Nobody knows that I figured it out and everyone else is getting credit for it. *cries and hits the keyboard* *sobs*
Oh well. Have a fun time.