15 July 2006

A Brilliant Film

For once, I would just like to say that apart from The Matrix, I have found another film which is amazing in terms of one character - Milton Waddams from Office Space.
Milton is a lonely worker in an office. He mumbles pathetically when he speaks. Nobody really wants to listen to his quiet complaining. He wants his famous red stapler back. His desk keeps getting moved for no reason, even downstairs in the dark. He is a sad character, and yet, my favourite line is "I could... set the building on fire!"
This single quote relives the intense and compelling power within all of us. Whenever we get angry, whenever we get stressed so things can't bother us anymore, we always think that fire, setting the building on fire, will solve all our problems. This is the first film I have seen that takes advantage of that power. However, the most cheery thing is that although the character of Milton persues this anger, he keeps so quiet and passive about it until the end!