5 March 2006

The Truth... in a twisted kind of way...

I felt it was time to write a blog about my screen name, seeing that many people have asked if it is true.
~{ Owner Of A Lonely Heart }~
I first got the name for this from a song remixed by Max Graham, with the exact title as the name of the song.
I thought it was quite a good song, and a good video, when I first saw it.
But then I started to see beyond it - and that it actually relates to me, quite a lot. I think it is true because:
  • I do actually have a lonely heart. I have no-one of my own to love than those presented to me by default (this means my family and friends).
  • I am different. Yes, I know that we are all unique, but it is the choices that I make that are irregular. Here is the big cookie: I don't have a mobile ("because I don't need one"), I hate Apple and iPods, I don't go out, hardly ever (seriously), I don't drink at all, I have never smoked (and I never hope I do), and I spend too many hours on my computer.
  • I'm not really a good guy to be around with. People say to me that I'm really quiet. The only reason behind that is that I only talk if I need to, if I need to communicate. I also stand out - I never look like I'm enjoying something, that's only 'cause I find it difficult to show it. I also have a terrible attitude and personality - selfish, greedy, really really lazy, boring, ugly, big-headed...
  • I do things that very few people do, like wear fingerless gloves. (It's because I have a paper round, not because I'm sick or a hobo!).
  • Don't get me wrong if I'm talking about existentialism (pointlessness, futility), because I hate to get people down. But the fact is that I can live my life following all these things - well, so far anyway. At some point I bet I will need to change. It just means I have a lot of responsibilty (aka. anti-hypocrisy) to these things until then!