19 March 2006


I have noticed all over town the name "DAZER", written in graffiti. And I mean EVERYWHERE! On brick walls, on wooden walls, on lamposts, on buildings and flats, everywhere I go on my paper round is this name - "DAZER" - WHO IS IT???
I will get some photos on here as examples. I have also noticed the tag "Rx2" or "ROSIE x 2" everywhere as well - in my old Religious Studies class, lamposts, bus stops - who are these people?! I think they own the place! lol
And something I've noticed forever - ever since starting my paper round, I've noticed the same face on the fronts of the papers every single week. Her face mainly appears on the Daily Express - it is of course, Diana, Princess of Wales. I just find it REALLY ODD that her face is shown on at least one paper at least once a week every week! It is because she's a missing person? Is there a big search going on or something?! lol