8 January 2021


 Here are some predictions with guesses on years.

2021 Magnetic hangers

22 Intel releases ARM processors

23 First Earthbound city to city SpaceX flights

24 Prince Charles dies. First female US President.

25 David Attenborough dies

26 Queen Elizabeth II dies

27 Apple Car released, PS6 and Xbox 2 released

28 iPhone 20 released. Half Life 3 announced

29 Donald Trump dies

30 First people on Mars

31 Russia cuts themselves off from the internet for 3 months

32 Drones available for delivery

33 PS7 and Xbox 3 released

34 Lab grown burgers available on the market

35 VR affordable to most, Some watch can detect seizures before they happen

36 Hydrogen fuel cells used for 10% of transport

37 Large Hadron Collider finds new particle

38 AI replaces nearly all telemarketing

39 Baron Trump runs for presidency

40 Electric cars overtake diesel and petrol cars

41 PS8 and Xbox Infinity relased

42 Smart beds

43 Cure for Alzheimer's/Dementia

44 Cure for most cancers

45 Self driving cars are standard. The Matrix movies are rebooted

46 Los Angeles earthquake of 9.7

47 All coral reefs destroyed

48 PS9 and Xbox Infinity 2 released. Final Gorillaz album released

49 Asteroid comes very clos e to earth

50 Kim Jong-Un dies

51 Renewable energy makes up 50% of all UK power

52 HIV eradicated using CRISPR

53 Brain interfaces available on public health

54 Coal runs out

55 Most homes are smart houses

56 New element discovered

57 Tigers go extinct

58 Sony acquired by Microsoft, releases Playbox 1

59 Hurricane Sandy makes Florida unrecognisable

60 Oil runs out

61 Fibre networks nationalised

62 Heatwave in Spain kills 3 million

63 First designer baby born

64 Nuclear fusion power station in China explodes killing 60 million people

65 Population reaches 10 billion

66 The Internet v2.0 proposed

67 First people head to outer solar system

68 Planet of the apes reboot

69 Plastic recycling using enzymes can be done from home

70 Natural gas runs out

71 King William dies

72 First robots used all all purpose home assistants for cooking, cleaning, DIY

73 3D printable organs 

74 Polar ice caps are mere fragments

75 AI assistants are standard use in government

76 Wireless power in homes is standard

77 Nanobots widely available for killing viruses, bacteria, cancer cells

78 HS5 completed

79 First successful brain transplant

80 Universal basic income in at least 25% of countries

81 AI assistants help with most household tasks and have unique payables personalities like in 'Her'

82 Avengers movies reboot

83 Telomeres successful extended leading to an extra 40-50 year life span

84 Millennium Dome roof has to be replaced

85 VR sex

86 Evidence of Atlantis found

87 Hoverboards

88 Mega spiders

89 WW3 

90 Fission reactors achieve 10% efficiency

91 Brain of a 5 year old running in a computer simulation

92 Talking pets

93 Enzyme consumption replaces cremation and burial

94 Flying cars

95 Historical figures cloned from DNA

96 First robot and human marriage

97 Phones are dropped in support of AR projections through brain interface

98 Probes at edge of the solar system

99 COVID-52 and all previous iterations eradicated

2100 First 3D printed flying car