27 June 2017

Sex and Gender

I believe sex and gender are difficult and complicated issues. These are my thoughts.

  • Sex is genetic and nearly completely binary. Gender is fluid.
  • Snowflake generation has created safe spaces, trigger warnings, and taken offence to any form of criticism. I believe Twitter possibly is in part to blame due to being anonymous when giving negative feedback - there are no consequences for honesty online. But there is a difference between banter and abuse.
  • I respect people who are transgendered. I totally understand feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and wanting to change that. So I can support gender reassignment, hormone changes, etc. Biologically it is quite fascinating.
  • As sexes, men and women should be protected and maintained as the status quo. Not necessarily as genders, but as sexes. It's important in my opinion that male and female are dominant labels because they are necessary for reproduction. We should not try to turn everyone and everything into gender neutral because of this.
  • I'm open to the idea of any individuals defining their own gender, but I don't fully support gender being more important than sex. Sure, it's what you personally identifying as, but I am sceptical of people picking and choosing their gender on a whim. I can accept androgyny, and I strongly believe that love and attraction is a fluid spectrum, but unless you're a hermaphrodite, then I don't understand why sex has to be private information. People should be proud and comfortable with what they are - if you're not happy with it, admit it. Gender should only ever be taken as a serious admittance that aligns with some reference, rather than being an open field that allows you to define as an attack helicopter, for example. I would just propose a third/fourth gender of 'neither', 'undefined', or 'transitioning'. When it comes to re-defining language, it's gone too far.
  • I do believe in breaking down barriers and difference in men and women, and I believe in equality between genders. However, as before, biological reasons should be respected, but superficial decisions should be treated indifferently. For example, medication that is harmful to pregnancy is important to stay separate depending on sex. However, wearing skirts instead of shorts, and so being a transvestite, is fine with me. However culture, society and gender are woven so closely, it will take time to unravel. But I do agree that marketing can be changed.