24 September 2016

My policy on property in the UK

  1. Anyone not paying rent for over 3 months or damaging property must be evicted immediately
  2. Council properties will be repurposed into standard housing and put on the market. Current council flat dwellers will be moved to live in portacabins if they cannot afford rent.
  3. Redevelop all existing dilapidated, damaged, and uninhabitable property and get it on the market
  4. Unoccupied properties for more than 6 months are automatically put on the market
  5. As time goes on and properties remain unsold, their price must come down by 10% per year until it is sold
  6. Any new properties that are built must have an energy performance rating of A or higher e.g. LED lighting and insulated walls, and must not be built on floodplains - if unavoidable, the property must be build at least 2 foot above ground level at the lowest part of the house


  1. Target of 100% national employment rate should be achieved by 2025 which includes those on benefits. People on benefits must find paid or voluntary work (now mandatory) of some description even if it is online or community service.
  2. Transport will be improved for all locations e.g. buses and trains. 
    1. All buses and trains must now accept contactless only - coins and paper are now invalid. Only reusable cards can be issued by a cashier, if they are not intended to be kept then they are reused as temporary cards. Every station must now have a card reader, and a map of the local nearest facilities (toilet, defibrillator, seating), and must have a vending machine with essentials like water.
    2. All buses must now be running on 100% renewable energy. LED lighting will also be used. Wi-Fi should also be at 100% UK coverage by 2026.
    3. All trains should be running on 100% renewable energy by 2036. Same again for lighting and Wi-Fi.