26 August 2015

Toilet paper vs. tissues vs. kitchen roll

I think kitchen roll is better nearly every time, so I've stopped buying toilet roll and tissues, and just use kitchen roll instead now.

AspectKitchen rollTissuesToilet paper
1.3 pence per sheet (Tesco Standard 4 roll)
1.3 pence per sheet (ignoring triple ply) (Tesco regular 72 sheets)
0.7 pence per sheet (ignoring double ply and counting 2 rolls to make the same size) (Tesco luxury 4 roll) (standard not available, and not comparing with Everyday Value)
Stays together when blowing nose?YesNo - tissue gets stuck in stubbleNo - tissue gets stuck in stubble and usually makes a hole in the tissue
Good at soaking up spillages?YesNoYes, but drips easily
Perforates easily?YesYes, but sometimes you get more tissues than you wantNo - usually end up tearing more sheets in half
Collects dust (lint) when cleaning/wiping glasses?NoYesYes
Environmentally friendly?Wiki: Virgin or recycled paper pulp with bleach and resinTesco: Wood pulp of forestsKnowledge: usually recycled from normal paper
Can be flushed down the toilet?No (unless torn)YesYes
Can be used to dry hands?YesNo - doesn't pick up waterNo - falls apart at simple tears
Easy to roll back up?Easy to get back if going slowlyEasy to stackCan never get back to normal
Good surface area for blowing nose/picking up spillages?YesMediumNo
Falls apart in the washing machine?NoYesYes
Easy to carry around?Medium - need a small pouch or food bag to keep cleanYes - folded pocket tissues availableMedium-Low - as with kitchen roll, but more difficult to unroll