5 January 2014

Should you upgrade to the Nexus 5 from the Nexus 4?

  • No: bugs/issues with handset - resolved
  • No: battery may be worse due to higher cpu - seems ok
  • Yes: if don't upgrade, then current nexus 4 will lower in value. But, nexus 5 should become cheaper as well?
  • Yes: 32GB storage
  • No: cnet review http://m.cnet.com/reviews/google-nexus-5/35828372
  • Maybe: size is actually same as Samsung Galaxy s4, which doesn't seem too large
  • Yes: WiFi ac, LTE (though not supported fully in UK yet)
Overall review on deciding yes:

  • Considerably and noticeably faster
  • Possibly better battery, definitely charges faster
  • Much lighter - a feather compared to the Nexus 4 which feels like a brick
  • Sell the Nexus for the "remainder" of how much you bought it for, divided by 24 months (normal length of a phone contract) and minus how many month's you've already had it