20 October 2012

Teh Noms

I've only met 2 people in my life who are as fussy as me about food. Thought I would share some details. I've narrowed it down not to issues with taste, but usually texture. The black bullet points identify things I am not very fond of at all.

  • Potatoes - mushiness
    • Roast potato - hot and/or crunchy is OK
    • Chips - salty and/or crunchy and/or hot is OK
  • Peas - mushy
  • Onion slices
    • In burgers/tuna melt - OK - because they baguette is also crunchy
    • In tuna mayo sandwich - not OK - because they are crunchy, when sandwiches aren't crunchy
    • In lasagne/bolognese - not OK - because it is meant to be smooth
  • Sweetcorn - only on its own, not in/with anything - because it is both crunchy and smooth
  • Peppers, chillis, cherries - texture of the skin
    • Cherry flavour is OK
    • Anything moderately spicy is not OK
  • Egg mayo - texture of egg pieces
  • Banana - mushiness
    • Banana-flavoured foam sweets are OK
    • Not a fan of banana milkshake or ice cream
  • Chocolate ice cream (e.g. Ben & Jerry's)
    • Normal chocolate is OK
    • Melted chocolate is OK
    • Chocolate anything else is OK
  • Coffee, tea and any other hot drinks - can't handle hotness
    • Hot chocolate is okay when mild
    • Coffee flavour is not OK
  • Breakfast cereal with milk - soggyness
    • Separate milk in a glass, sipped with a spoon of cereal is OK
  • Apple crumble
    • Crumble is okay, but apple isn't right

More to come...