26 August 2009

Life in the Human Empire

This is a poem I wrote on 26 May 2006 at 7:22:00 PM. I wrote it in 16 minutes, with 11 saves.

Life in the Human Empire

What makes us human?
What makes us unique to all other animals?

Our human-dominant world as the superior species
We can venture the highest mountain and the deepest ocean
We can become everything the wanted, needed and disliked
We are the cultivators of the land and the growers of crops
We help others in need and imprison those who degenerate our world of laws
We are all reduced to entertainment and humour, that of our creation
We have studied our planet and the Universe
We have compiled all our findings with beauty like that of natural waterfalls

We are dependent on each other as a team
Our automation to keep us alive, so that our species can survive extinction
By calculating complicated mathematics and scientific judgements
So that we can go where we have never been before

But although we may be the most intelligent and powerful mammals of the world
The only ones we are aware of containing knowledge and having ability to make choices
To hate and love others is what makes us human, to make us singular

But we are also the world’s greatest failure
We kill ourselves and make our youth reproduce, sustaining that balance of the population
But it will always increase past our limit of efficient transfer of energy
We are all tied down to our humiliation and embarrassment
All our faces must reach exposure and fame
But the world we have made is still not perfect.

We force ourselves to down unhealthy drinks and toxins
We build our bodies into slavery of our own kind, with golden chains of blood

We pay money to the services we love, but some of us rebels learn to hate,
And we let the frail and weak die because of this.

We, our individuality, can gain no moral or major control

Although the simple, small acorn may grow to an enormous tree
It is not the acorn that produces it.
The value is found in the processes the acorn takes:
Growth, nutrition, respiration, all those signs of life.
It is all these factors that weigh the strength,
But there is one undesired fact, that we are all derived from the Sun,
Our ultimate source of power.

Although we can perform the greatest achievements even to impress our own kind,
We still persist to ruin ourselves, thus forgetting that the most beautiful profit and advantage
Is to spend such currency on the people who need it most.

You could suggest the end of all those who fail to meet our expectation
Will be doomed in hell for their destructive paths
But we stand from them and gaze into the darkest unknown
With only our light to guide us.