22 September 2008

Do you need alcohol to have a good time?

Computer says No.

You shouldn't need to drink in order to forget your emotions and feelings.
You should be able to control your emotions in all aspects and situations so that you don't end up doing things that can ruin you.
I have my bad and depressing times but I deal with them by purely thinking them over and then finding a way of resolution, or finding something to keep my mind off it like having a wank or about making something new like a blog post. Something I can do that will make either me or the world just that tiny little bit better.
In this way, I am taking something bad, and channelling the energy into something good - also called "Sublimation". Some psychologists believe that all success is the result of sublimation - fore example, the perspective of becoming a failure forces the person to ensure they don't become like that, and so they pursue an achievable goal.

Sublimation is a defence mechanism - and a defense mechanism helps the ego (the part of the mind that surfaces into reality) cope with anxiety.
(Read more on Wikipedia here)

And what about trying to enjoy yourself?

(1:26 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: hehe ill force drink u beer
(1:26 AM) Trebor™ : hahha only on certain conditions lol
(1:26 AM) Trebor™ : but dont force me lol theres no point in drinking it
(1:27 AM) Trebor™ : i dont need to get drunk in order to see people as attractive
(1:27 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: getting tipsy on drink is fair but smashed there is no point which is stoopid
(1:28 AM) Trebor™ : sometimes i think i act tipsy when im high on sugar lol
(1:28 AM) Trebor™ : i just do stupid little things lol
(1:28 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: sugar is dumb... it just rots teeth
(1:28 AM) Trebor™ : but i dont run around like hyper lol not like that
(1:29 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: drink causes pointless random lauffin or random crying which is as good as
(1:29 AM) Trebor™ : i can do that without drinking
(1:29 AM) Trebor™ : i do it all the time lol
(1:29 AM) Trebor™ : ill be on the bus and then cant help myself laughing at something
(1:30 AM) Trebor™ : or theres a joke and i get it and i keep laughing for like 5 whole minutes after the joke
(1:30 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: riight but that just aint fun tho...
(1:30 AM) Trebor™ : and crying i do a bit of that now and then
(1:30 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: coz u cant spill anything
(1:30 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: and lauff about it coz ur outa ur mind
(1:30 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: like
(1:31 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: if u get that
(1:31 AM) Trebor™ : spilling things wastes the alcohol lol
(1:31 AM) Trebor™ : waste of money
(1:31 AM) Trebor™ : i wanna be in my mind thats what i like about myself the most
(1:31 AM) Trebor™ : i dont wanna lose my mind
(1:31 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: buttt if ur a lil out of it, who gives a shit then..
(1:31 AM) Trebor™ : i will submit to losing my body but my mind i never wanna lose that
(1:32 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: i loose my mind wen i am sober
(1:32 AM) Trebor™ : lol
(1:32 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: lol
(1:32 AM) Trebor™ : i never want to be out of control
(1:33 AM) Trebor™ : i never want anything going on with my mind that i cant control
(1:33 AM) Trebor™ : good or bad
(1:33 AM) Trebor™ : ive had sum bad expereicens before omggg
(1:34 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: well my ex never drank then i stoped having my random alchole times...
u wont believe how depressed i got coz i never showed any happiness
till i got tipsey again i recovered my boring depression state
(1:34 AM) Trebor™ : if i ever lose track of my mind i have to shutdown i close my eyes and cover my ears
(1:34 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: u wont be totally out of control...
(1:35 AM) Trebor™ : i can control my depression
(1:35 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: coz i know wt im doin but pretend im not coz i dont care bout loosing my dignity
(1:35 AM) Trebor™ : i do care lol cos ive fucked up before
(1:35 AM) Trebor™ : you do know deguassing yeh?
(1:35 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: well if u dated my ex depression was a natural friend
(1:35 AM) Trebor™ : haha lol
(1:36 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: deguassing ?
(1:36 AM) Trebor™ : im familiar with darkness but i know i am in control of it
(1:36 AM) Trebor™ : degauss
(1:36 AM) Trebor™ : on CRT monitors
(1:36 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: oh yea
(1:36 AM) Trebor™ : well sometimes my mind goes like that
(1:36 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: lol oh dear
(1:37 AM) Trebor™ : everything im looking at its like.. the picture in my eyes... everything shakes side to side and gets smaller
(1:37 AM) Trebor™ : just like someboys pressed deguass in my mind
(1:37 AM) Trebor™ : and it repeats again and again
(1:37 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: awhh
(1:37 AM) Trebor™ : its fucking wierd and i hate it
(1:37 AM) Trebor™ : i get it when im really really worrying
(1:38 AM) Trebor™ : or im really really ill or something
(1:38 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: well that sounds like summin drugs would do - after watching it on tv/movies...
(1:39 AM) Trebor™ : and im afraid if i drank i would start to worry about everything more and it would happen
(1:39 AM) Trebor™ : and i would look like a spaz
(1:39 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: u wount worry
(1:39 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: dw... wen u got m8s with ya thats the last thing u'd do
(1:40 AM) xxxxxxxxxxxxx =: u'd just get like crazy hyper...