13 February 2007

Down with Apple!

Apple have yet again released more adverts for Get A Mac. Here we go again. This time, though, they've got the main characters from The Peep Show as PC and Mac. Great.

So what is this blog for? I want to directly attack Apple for their unjustified adverts. I am writing about these adverts because they really do make PCs look really bad - when actually they are not. Therefore I am trying to come at an unbaised point of view - giving you all the gory details.

Please bear in mind that I have only ever tried out a Mac ONCE. That has no relevance to this blog - I'm only talking about the adverts.

<-- Okay - so Macs come with iLife. Big deal. A load of software to help you with social networking - that is actually quite helpful.

However, a lot of the stuff listed here - you can also do it on a PC. You just need the right software.

And remember - podcast doesn't mean it only works with iPods.

<-- This one isn't really a big deal - both Macs and PCs have problems.

Troubleshooting is actually one of my specialties. If it weren't for troubleshooters - a load of people would have no work.

And anyway - troubleshooting usually only applies to software for PCs - not always PCs themselves.

<-- Mac OS X was built with security in mind? So was Windows. Even the earliest version of Windows already had anti-virus products on them already installed (from Symantec, by the way - its was called "Microsoft Anti-Virus"). But anyway - back to the picture.

Windows was built to bear the onslaught of attacks. The real big issue here is that Windows is more popular than Macs - so all the hackers choose to use Windows for writing their viruses, so naturally the viruses only apply to Windows. When it comes to viruses, it isn't all about how Windows are rubbish at security - because they are not. Its just because most viruses are written for Windows, seeing that its more popular. Just think - if Macs were more popular than Windows, then there would be more viruses for Macs instead. Got it yet, Apple? It isn't down to idea that Macs are more secure than Windows - because they are not. Macs probably have just as many holes as Windows - its just that because Windows is more popular that more viruses are made for Windows instead. Because the hackers don't use Macs, there are few viruses for them. But if, let's just say all the hackers were using Macs instead - then they would start hacking Macs instead of Windows. It doesn't matter which operating system is on top, because at the end of the day, the most popular one will receive the most attacks.

<-- "you find that you're hobbled in some way or another." Yeah, as if?

Anyway - it is down to the OEM (Manufacterer) as to what software comes preinstalled on your computer. RealPlayer, you say? You could always uninstall it! And anyway - if Macs were more popular - they would have preinstalled software on them, too - because software writing companies would prefer to write software for Mac instead of PC. So there you have it.

Now here's a direct attack on one of the adverts (homepage http://www.apple.com/uk/getamac/)

"Pie Chart" - "Mac - I can do fun stuff like movies, music, podcasts..." - A PC can do all this too!
"PC - And I can also do fun stuff, like spreadsheets, and timesheets and pie charts." - This isn't all a PC can do. Windows Vista doesn't even come with that type of software (Office, Works, etc.). And what about Microsoft's Digital Imagery software? Windows Movie Maker? Windows Media Player? Hmm?

Make sure you check out my previous blog about the Get A Mac homepage - click here. And also my website page about Apple - just give your mouse a click here.

Luca Macis wrote:
OKAY, So you say that your not bias but the whole thhing was pretty much bias. Yes it's true Windows can do the same things that Mac can do concerning it's iLife software. The great thing is that you dont have to faf around looking for the software to download seperately. But we are living in the day and age where digital camcorders and camera is standard to software such as iMovie is great to import video. Yes Movie Maker does that to but can you burn it straight t dvd...nope. The whole iLife thing isnt sucha big deal tho The thibng that annoyed me was the issue of security. Whilst Mac's are still not as popular (gr8 computers and i love them but way overpriced which is the reason to me) gunning down their ability to protect the system is innappropiate. The reason there are not many virus's is because people cant breach the system! Imagine if someone finally managed to create a virus and release it for Macs and even only 100 computers were infected then Apples reputation would be ruined. This in itself is a reason to make one for any Microsoft lover. Thats the truth in it all :P
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"The reason there are not many virus's is because people cant breach the system"

Umm... how do you know that? Please check my updates - the idea I am trying to get across is that "It doesn't matter which operating system is on top, because at the end of the day, the most popular one will receive the most attacks."

And what are you talking about Windows not providing the software to burn straight to a DVD? Everyone knows that when you BUY a PC you get all the software for using your hardware with it. But a camera, you get a CD with drivers. Buy a DVD writer... guess what? You get a CD with it with all the drivers and software! When my neighbour generously gave me his DVD writer drive, it had a load of Nero software with it - which works brilliantly! Contextualise, man!

And as for the iLife thing... you are right, iLife does mean you don't have to find software - but think - how many movie editors out there are made for Macs? Very few less than there are made for Windows! However, you could say that because "iMovie" is so good, there is no need for other software - but then why is there loads of software for Windows EXCEPT its own Movie Maker? Basically what I'm saying is that because Macs are so unpopular, the only software you can get for a Mac is what comes with them.

And remember - I am not trying to say that Macs are bad - because they are not. I'm just saying the Apple are wrong for making these adverts! They are not giving Windows a chance at all - if anyone is biased it is them - because they don't show the true power of Windows!
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