26 November 2006

PlayStation Music!

Does anyone like the music they used to hear on their old PlayStation games? Have you ever tried ripping the music from the CD using hardware and software? Well no there is no need to look further!
A top site I found a little while ago called VGmusic has loads od MIDI files for loads of PlayStation, Gameboy and Xbox games. The website is at www.vgmusic.com
And another brilliant site I found today is Final Fantasy Shrine which has loads of MP3 music from video games and anime. The website is http://gh.ffshrine.org/
I've recently completely download the "soundtracks" for Ape Escape and Enter The Matrix - the songs are brilliant!
If you've also read my previous blogs you would have found out that there are also a couple of pieces of software that can rip music and other media directly from the PlayStation disc - I've already tried MediEvil I and II, Atlantis, Spyro 1 to 3, Monsters Inc...