2 April 2006

What makes Symantec's Norton 2005 so good?

I love my reinstallation of Norton Internet Security 2005!
In comparison to many other security and protection products, Norton is the only one to support User Accounts. This means that my Windows account on my computer can have full access to everything, but my Guest's account can now have seperately blocked websites and programs. Yes! Update 06-04-04: There are some other giant protection companies like McAfee Internet Security Suite that do support this feature - not to be biased.
Plus, Symantec has a great range of software. If you want to be updating all your protection needs (I have Norton GoBack with NIS 2005) then all your updates come in one package: LiveUpdate. No matter what Norton software you have installed, you can update the whole lot just through this one program. Yes!
Okay, now some people have said they have problems with Norton. Well, here, I'm sorry to say that this is true, and I have also had some annoying problems before. Usually, if need to solve them, I do a complete reinstallation of Norton. I done it a few times on the old NIS 2004 but now I have the improved NIS 2005 on Windows XP, it works great. (You're not gonna get far with Windows 98 now, are you?)
So what problems do people have?
  • Installation. Yes, this can be a nightmare, even uinstalling it sometimes can be a pain, but it is well worth it once its done. Just make sure you have everything else up-to-date before installtion and you can ensure it will work well.
  • Errors. Not very common now on. A simple reinstall will solve them. Due to changes in your system - installing new software etc. - software installation ontop of Norton doesn't always make a smooth transition. Get all your internet and common software installed first, then install Norton ontop - that way it will configue it when you install it. Fresh.
  • Registration. People keep telling me over and over that Norton keeps nagging them all the time to update and renew the subscription. Well, that is actually what it means. Either you need to buy a new license, or you should uninstall it. Otherwise, if you just have anti-virus protection installed on your computer that isn't up-to-date, you aren't protected - and it's the new viruses that come out every day that are more likely to attack. So, people, either get a new subscription, a new annual version (e.g. 2006) or just uninstall it!

    Happy surfing!