Wednesday, 28 January 2015

AirDroid: Alternatives

Instead of AirDroid, I use:

  • Texting - MightyText
  • Whatsapp - Whatsapp Web
  • AirMirror - not yet compatible with Android Lollipop 5.0.1 (requires root)
  • Notifications - Pushbullet
  • File transfer - up to 10MB - Pushbullet; greater than 10MB - AirDroid :D
  • Contacts - Gmail Contacts

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Human Universe - Final Quote

BBC - Human Universe

"Science is unreasonably effective. It's generated knowledge beyond all expectation. It's also delivered perspective. Yes, we are an insignificant speck, in an infinite universe, but we're also rare. And because we're rare, we're valuable.

So what are we to do to secure our future? Well, we must learn to value to the acquisition of knowledge for its own sake. And not just because it grows our economy or allows to us to build better bombs.

We must also learn to value the human race, and take responsibility for our own survival. Why? Because there's nobody else out there to value us or to look after us.

And finally - most important of all, we must educate the next generation in the great discoveries of science. And we must teach them to use the light of reason to banish the darkness of superstition. If we do that, then at least there's a chance this universe will remain a human one."

Professor Brian Cox - Human Universe (episode 5)

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Doctor Who - Death In Heaven unanswered questions

- How was Danny able to get over the Cyberman programming after switching his emotions on? Is it due to the power of love again?
- What was the point of being the President of the World? He didn't even use it to do anything. Is it because he didn't want it anyway?
- Why was Osgood so easily convinced to hear Missy whisper? Is she just that convincing? Either way she would have died anyway, Missy still got out of the handcuffs.
- Did Osgood etc. go to the Nethersphere after being killed by Missy's red death ray? Seems unlikely as she killed Seb.
- How does a full cyber conversion happen just by it raining? Proper machines were needed before.
- Why convert the dead and not the living? Is it because with the dead and the Nethersphere, people's personalities could be erased, resolving the problem of converted humans fighting against their programming? Which didn't work in Danny's case?
- Was that really Missy's plan all along, just to give the doctor an army and see if he turns to evil? What does she get out of it?
- How did the Master escape the Gallifrey in the pocket universe (here it is described another dimension instead) - Missy does hint at this
- The Doctor went to the Gallifrey coordinates, but surely he was looking at the real world, not the other dimension/pocket universe?
- How did Danny get converted even though he was on a table under a sheet? Did the water drip onto the sheet, drip up, or go into the air?
- How long has the Nethersphere been around? (It was hinted it's been around since humanity started believing in the afterlife) - so who set up the hard drive in the first place?
- Who setup the other Cybermen tanks in the world? How did they remain hidden? (TARDIS has the same ability?) Were there more of the Gallifreyan hard drives or was the only one in St Paul's? (Latter seems likely due to its size inside)
- Why did Missy have control over the Cybermen? (using the wrist device) Technology stolen from the Timelords?
- Why did the kid that Danny killed have a body, does he not need his original? This is a similar way to how Missy was able to fully enter and exit the Nethersphere however - maybe until she was apparently killed, she was the only person allowed to transfer in/out? (Assuming the hard drive records metal self image or physical properties of the person)
- Is 3w entirely responsible for the creation of the small handful of Cybermen in each city (the elite afterlife), the administration regarding being cremated or not)
- Why was the internal of the Nethersphere with the Cyberman logo in mind? Can it be redesigned as necessary against whatever Timelord defaults there are?

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Upgrading Cloud Storage: Comparison Chart

If you need more cloud storage and aren't sure where you should put your money, here is a nice comparison chart showing some of the most popular cloud sync services and their annual costs based on storage sizes.

Any grey cells are where that storage size is not available. Some of the providers can give more than 1TB as well and some have more mixed ones in between.

If you'd like to see any providers, post a comment and I'll be happy to add them.

View full-screen version here on Google Drive (ha).

Monday, 21 April 2014

Recommended Android Apps

Social Networking/Messaging

  • Facebook & Messenger
  • Twitter
  • Foursquare
  • Whatsapp
  • SimplyText
  • MightyText


  • Quiz Up
  • Dead Space
  • Despicable Me
  • Wind Up Knight
  • Cut The Rope
  • Angry Birds
  • Flow Free
  • Cookie Clicker
  • Draw Something
  • PewPew
  • Memory Trainer
  • Wordament


  • Dashclock
  • Freshbacks


  • Cartoon HD
  • Plex
  • Movies Planet
  • QuickPic
  • Shazam
  • Spotify
  • TVcatchup
  • VLC


  • Clean Master
  • TasKiller
  • App Cache Cleaner
  • Battery Notifier


  • 1Password
  • KeePass
  • AirDroid
  • Authenticator
  • RD Client
  • Remote Control

'Find My iPhone'

  • Lookout Security
  • Android Lost
  • Prey
  • Android Device Manager


  • Barcode Scanner
  • Google Goggles
  • Fancy
  • Wish
  • Just Eat
  • National Rail
  • RAC
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Tube Map


  • Zite
  • Flipboard

Tools/Keeping Organised

  • Automatic Call Recorder
  • SolCalendar
  • Instant Heart Rate Monitor
  • Google Keep
  • Link Bubble
  • OI File Manager
  • PushBullet
  • Speedtest
  • Swype
  • Wifi Analyzer


  • Blendr
  • Grindr
  • Hornet
  • Tinder
  • Jack'd
  • Bender

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Most twisted things I've seen

Sometimes there are shows or movies that raise massive ethical questions or are just incredibly twisted/messed up, this covers some of them.
  • Heroes - when Sylar's physical image and memories were replaced with those of Nathan Petrelli
  • Jeepers Creepers
  • Saw
  • Human Centipede
  • Hannibal
  • The Thing
  • The Fly
  • The Matrix

And the most tragic/left me reeling:

  • Groundhog Day
  • Butterfly Effect
  • Oblivion
  • Up
  • Spirited Away
  • Wreck-It Ralph
  • Toy Story 3

Monday, 24 February 2014

Android Daily Wallpaper changer app :)

Freshbacks for Android is an awesome wallpaper-changer-app that keeps your phone fresh with always changing, beautiful wallpapers! 

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Google Chrome: Flags you should enable

To edit your flags, go to chrome://flags/

Here's a list of flags that I use and would recommend. This is as of Chrome 33 - if using a newer version, the "default-ness" of these may have changed (it isn't clear what it means by 'Default' sadly). This focuses on Windows ones only. I've ignored any flags that are to do with purely experimental HTML and Javascript elements because they probably aren't in common use, are unstable, or could be insecure.
  • Check for known conflicts with 3rd-party modules
    • Normal setting: Off, Recommended setting: On
    • If a third-party add-on crashes the browser, Chrome will let you know. Some of these include RealDownloader, QuickTime
    • Link: chrome://flags/#conflicting-modules-check
  • Enable Instant Extended API
    • Normal setting: Default (Enable), Recommended setting: Off - setting has been removed in Chrome 33
    • This gives you the brand new 'New Tab Page', which makes all of the speed dial thumbnails smaller and sticks a big Google Search box on. I prefer the original. Note that disabling this also removes the 'Apps' button on the bookmarks/favourites bar.
      • Mind you, if you've replaced the New Tab Page with Awesome New Tab page for example, then you might as well leave this enabled.
      • However, if you do enable this, you won't be able to get to your 'Other devices' or 'Recently closed' menus, and the Awesome New Tab page doesn't support these yet, so stick with my recommend setting. This has moved to the Chrome menu as 'Recent Tabs'
    • Link: chrome://flags/#enable-instant-extended-api
  • Smooth Scrolling
  • Enable auto-log in
    • Normal setting: Off, Recommended setting: On
    • Displays an information bar at the top when you're on a Google Sign-in page to login you in without having to type your password.
    • Link: chrome://flags/#enable-autologin
  • Enable Automatic Spelling Correction, Spelling Service Feedback
    • Normal setting: Off, Recommended setting: On
    • If some spelling is incorrect, Chrome will automatically correct it. It's never caused me a problem or changed any words to words I don't mean.
    • Link: chrome://flags/#spellcheck-autocorrect
  • Enable touch events, Touch Optimised UI, Enable touch initiated drag and drop, Overscroll history navigation
  • Disable touch adjustment
    • Normal setting: Off, Recommend setting: On
    • Same again, but this one is called 'Disable...', so you need to enable this one, to disable the touch adjustment.
    • Link: chrome://flags/#disable-touch-adjustment
  • Enable Download Resumption
  • Enable Rich Notifications
  • Google Now
    • Normal setting: Default, Recommended setting: On
    • Bring useful cards about emails, reminders and the like to your Chrome browser. Once enabled, after a couple of notifications, a grey/white bell will appear in the system tray - white if you have notifications, grey if all are dismissed.
    • Link: chrome://flags/#enable-google-now
  • Enable Synced Notifications
    • Normal setting: Default, Recommended setting: Enabled
    • If you dismiss a notification on one device, it dismisses it from all of your devices, so you don't need to dismiss them multiple times. Of course, only enable if you actually have other devices.
    • Link: chrome://flags/#enable-sync-synced-notifications
  • Enable Google profile name and icon
    • Normal setting: Off, Recommend setting: On
    • If you use multiple profiles on Chrome, it will automatically set your avatar to your Google+ icon for your user. The in-built ones are alright but seeing as you can't customise them normally, this is a great setting.
    • Link: chrome://flags/#enable-google-profile-info
  • Enable password generation
    • Normal setting: Off, Recommended setting: On
    • Displays a small key icon whenever Google has detected a place to generate a password. It will then add your credentials for that website to Saved passwords.
      • Make sure you backup your passwords separately as well!
    • Link: chrome://flags/#enable-password-generation
  • Enable origin chip
    • Normal setting: Default (Disabled), Recommended setting: Disabled
    • As pere here, it basically hides the URL of the page you're visiting and replaces it with a separate button on the right where you can verify the site is legitimate (normally you click the padlock icon). If you click the bar, you'll get the URL back. Personally I like to be able to check/show off the URL at all times, so this is only if you really don't edit/understand URLs.
    • Link: chrome://flags/#origin-chip
  • Enable search button in Omnibox
    • Normal setting: Default (Disabled), Recommended setting: Disabled
    • Basically just puts a 'Search' button when you're searching from the address bar. The 'Enter' key works fine for me.
    • Link: chrome://flags/#search-button-in-omnibox

Some that I have considered but need improvement are:
  • Show Auto-fill predictions, Enable experimental form filling
    • This can be very handy in pre-populating some form fields with the values you want, however sometimes it gets this very wrong and it's annoying when it does - most websites don't have a 'clear form' button anymore. It also adds placeholder text for some boxes which sometimes break the forms a bit.
    • Link: chrome://flags/#show-autofill-type-predictions
  • NTP Suggestions page
    • This is a great idea - basically makes suggestions for websites for you to visit - possibly in a way similar to StumbleUpon - however I've never seen such a thing working, so you might as well leave it disabled.
    • Link: chrome://flags/#enable-suggestions-ntp
  • Enable new profile management system
    • While it does make the experience better, it has explicit buttons for logging out a user, when most people probably want to keep a user logged in I would imagine. I'd only enable this if there were other people using my computer.
    • Link: chrome://flags/#enable-new-profile-management
  • Enable fast tab/window close
App Launcher
There are also some flags related to the App Launcher, but I'm not a fan of the App Launcher myself - partly because I don't use it/apps very often in Chrome, but I also don't like Chrome always running in the background and using up memory.
The related flags anyway are:

There is also another one specifically for Chromecast users: Device Discovery Notifications. You'll basically be notified whenever a Chromecast joins your network.

Some recommended articles with more:

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Should you upgrade to the Nexus 5 from the Nexus 4?

  • No: bugs/issues with handset - resolved
  • No: battery may be worse due to higher cpu - seems ok
  • Yes: if don't upgrade, then current nexus 4 will lower in value. But, nexus 5 should become cheaper as well?
  • Yes: 32GB storage
  • No: cnet review
  • Maybe: size is actually same as Samsung Galaxy s4, which doesn't seem too large
  • Yes: WiFi ac, LTE (though not supported fully in UK yet)
Overall review on deciding yes:

  • Considerably and noticeably faster
  • Possibly better battery, definitely charges faster
  • Much lighter - a feather compared to the Nexus 4 which feels like a brick
  • Sell the Nexus for the "remainder" of how much you bought it for, divided by 24 months (normal length of a phone contract) and minus how many month's you've already had it

Google Glass questions

  • What if everyone on the train had one, and was talking on it, you wouldn't be able to hear yourself?
  • Could anyone's voice work with it just by walking past you?
    • Voice control would have to be built in - but what about people who can imitate your voice?
  • Is it waterproof? For wearing in the rain?
  • How much does it compare to Sixth Sense?