6 December 2005

Cracks Websites - A Common Question

So where do you get your cracks from? My favourite website is www.crackspider.net because it searches all the top cracks, patches, keygens and serial numbers websites including mscracks.com, anycracks.com, freeserials.com and cracks.am.
So I even added crackspider to my Internet Explorer auto-search (in the address bar) to quickly search for cracks.
Find out more about the auto-search feature here (for some registry edits) and here for the application Tweak UI.
Update 24/12 - CrackSpider is technically classified as a legal website because IT DOES NOT HOST ANY CRACKS itself. That means the website can't be shut down for any illegal material, because it doesn't have any. It only links to websites that do.

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bla wrote:
u wanna put ureself n every1 else in jail dude? stop posting stuff bout cracks n shit.
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Wholemeal_Ed wrote:
My christ your a geek.
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Mr_Bungle wrote:
Get a fucking life u geek!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do u have any friends
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